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Flag American Co.
Ecology Flags, longest lasting nylon, all sizes
Ecology Flag
Ecology Flags, Made in the USA, sizes 4in x 6 in desk top flags , 3 ft x 5 ft and larger flags.
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Our Ecology Flags are finished with canvas heading and grommets. 100% American Made - highest quality print and process.

TheEcology Flag became a symbol of the Environmental Movement in the 1970s.The Ecology Symbol was designed by Ron Cobb, which he published inthe Los Angeles Free Press. It was then put in the public domain. On April 21,1970 Look Magazine published the Ecology Symbol in a flag, patterned after theUS Flag with thirteen alternating green and white stripes. The Green fieldcontained a yellow circle with a line through the center. While this resemblesthe Greek Letter Theta, it was made from the combination of the lower caseletter e and the lower case letter o, which represent the word environment andorganism, respectively. The green color represents green land and the white reminiscentof clean air.